About The National Board of Social Services

Senest opdateret 18-03-2021

The National Board of Social Services is a government agency under The Ministry of Social Affairs. The Board aims at actively contributing to a knowledge based Social Policy, which furthers effective social initiatives for the benefit of citizens. The goal is to make social knowledge work.

The National Board of Social Services aims to promote new development and initiatives in social services while also supporting and counseling local authorities in providing services to citizens, i.e. children, young people, socially marginalized groups and disabled.

The Danish Parliament decides the political social and welfare initiatives to be implemented in Denmark. The National Board of Social Services is charged with ensuring that such initiatives are put into practice in Denmark’s municipalities as intended by the Parliament. In addition, the board offers specialist consultancy and specialist assessments in complicated and specialized individual cases in the field. In such cases, the board also offers specialist consultancy to citizens.

National Board of Social Services
– Puts knowledge to use!

The National Board of Social Services works to obtain the best knowledge available of effective methods and practice within the field of social work, as well as communicating and distributing this knowledge to ensure its use in practice. This is done through comprehensive counseling of municipalities, the Danish Regions and individual citizens on questions related to social work and by supporting the municipalities when implementing social methods and practices. Furthermore the National Board of Social Services manages the national audit function in terms of providing supervision in the social area to local authorities.

Areas of responsibility

The National Board of Social Services is responsible for a variety of tasks and projects in the social area of which some are:

  • Children, young people and families.
  • Disabilities, aids and psycho-social initiatives.
  • Adults with social problems.