Conditions of approval

GDV approval can be applied for building components in contact with drinking water with the purpose of market and sale in Denmark.

Conditions for application of GDV approval 

The applicant must ensure that the requirements of the Executive Order on market and sale of building components in contact with drinking water are met as well as the guidelines to the GDV scheme.

This includes to:

  • document the health-related properties of the building component. Either by submitting certificates/approvals accepted by the scheme or to have the building component assessed and tested

  • according to the requirements of Appendix 1 of the Executive Order.

  • fill out and submit the electronic application form with the required documentation via the form under 'Apply for GDV Approval'.

  • document the application with the information mentioned in the guidelines, including the relevant Schedule(s) of material(s) or a semilar presentation of components and materials.

  • read the solemn declaration on the establishment of a self-check programme and declare in the application form that such a programme will be established.

  • possibly submit the declaration on signed agreement on annual inspection, if the applicant at the time of submission of the application has not obtained a final inspection agreement.


 Note that only products placed on the market and sold with the purpose of use with drinking water are subjected to the requirement of approval.

Marking of GDV approved building components 

GDV approved building components may be marked with the "Godkendt til drikkevand"-mark ("Approved for drinking water") according to section 6(2-4 and 6) of the Executive Order.

Approvals for building components issued before July 1 2016 are required to be marked with "Godkendt til drikkevand", whereas marking is voluntary for approvals issues from July 1 2016 and onwards.

Marking with "Godkendt til drikkevand" must be designed as stated in Appendix 2 of the Executive Order.

The two versions of the mark are found below in the format of ai for download. The font used is Helvetica Bold Condensed.

Download the Approved for drinking water logo 

Download the Approved for drinking water mark 

Approval fee

As of July 1 2018, the fee for a GDV approval will regulated hourly.

Companies are required to pay a fee for any activities in connection with the issue of GDV approvals, including processing of applications, mandatory reporting, providing information to applicants and the public about the application procedure and about the scheme in general, etc.

Continuations, renewals and revocations of GDV approvals are also covered by the fee.

The fee is regulated by the Executive Order on fees for the construction area by the Danish Authority of Social Services and Housing (Danish language only).

The Danish Authority of Social Services and Housing announces fee adjustments on this website.

Task Fee size  More information
GDV approval 525 kr. per hour As of July 1 2018, the fee for a GDV approval will be regulated hourly 

Read more about the fees within the construction area here