Building components covered by the approval requirement

This page lists building components covered by the approval requirement. The list is not complete and will be edited as needed.

Please be aware that the list below of building components covered by the approval requirement is only applicable if the building component is marketed for use in connection with drinking water.

Building components that are covered by the Executive Order on Approval, but are placed on the market solely for purposes other than contact with drinking water, do not require an approval.

List of building components covered by the approval requirement 

Hoses and pipes

  • Hose kits (hoses with fittings in both ends)

  • Pipes made of plastic/elstomers

  • Pipes of metal 

Fittings and manifolds

  • Fittings of plastic/elastomers

  • Fittings of metal

  • Fittings of metal and plastic/elastomers

  • Manifolds of metal

  • Manifolds of plastic/elastomers


  • Valves of metal and plastic/elastomers

  • Valves of plastic/elastormers 

Devices that are a part of the fixed installation 

  • Water treatment device

  • Drinking water coolers

  • Water meters

  • Filters

  • Sealant and lining 

Building components that are used as a permanent or temporary repair of leaking water pipes, such as collar leak clamps and repair clamps when they are part of or connected to the permanent pipework in a housing area from the property boundary to the draining point and thereby come into contact with drinking water.

If in doubt as to whether a building component is covered by the Executive Order, please see the Guidelines or contact the Danish Authority of Social Services and Housing.