Apply for GDV approval

GDV approval can be applied for building components in contact with drinking water with the purpose of market and sale in Denmark.

The following documents must be submitted with the application:

  • List of versions of the building component covered by the application (template from the guidelines can be used

  • Photo(s)

  • Drawing(s)

  • Schedule of materials for the components and materials in the building component (template from the guidelines can be used)

  • Inspection agreement or a conditional inspection agreement or a solemn declaration to this effect

  • Any relevant power of attorney to enable others to act on behalf of the applicant

  • Test documentation
    • For building components made of metal

      • Test report for lead, cadmium and possible nickel

    • For building components or subcomponents of plastic/elastomers

      • Toxicological assessment of the migration of substances

      • Test programme

      • Any test reports concerning the testing, to the extent relevant

      • Toxicological assessment of the test results

      • A separate document with identification of confidential substances (if necessary

Find the application for GDV approval here 

Application guidelines for the GDV scheme

Here you can find the application guidelines for the GDV scheme.

Download schedule of materials Devices here 

Download schedule of materials Fittings manifolds valves here

Download schedule of materials Pipes and hoses of plastic and elastomers here

Download schedule of materials Taps here

Download self-check programme here

Download solemn declaration on signed agreement here

Download template list of versions here 

For renewal of GDV approvals read the following guidelines.

Read more about guidelines for renewal of GDV approvals here

Application procedure

The application procedure for GDV approval is as follows:

Fill out the application The electronic application form is filled out with all requested information and attached with all relevant documentation including the health-related properties of the building component. 
Receipt is received An automatic receipt is received by email immediately after pressing "Send". Subsequently, the applicant will receive an email from the Danish Authority of Social Services and Housing with information of the application case number. 
Submit additional documents  Any additional documentation regarding an application must be submitted via email: with reference to the application case number. 
The Authority will assess the application  The Authority will begin to assess the application and evaluate if the documentation submitted is adequate. The applicant will be contacted directly if any documentation is missing in order to proceed.
Request for further information  If the documentation and information submitted with the application is inconclusive for the Authority to issue a decision of either approval or denial, the applicant will receive a request for further information. 
The Authority will finish the processing  When it is assessed that the documentation  and information submitted with the application is adequate, the Authority will finish the processing of the application. 
The Authority will make final decision  If the building component meets the requirements of approval, the Authority will forward a letter of commitment of GDV approval with a draft of the approval letter and a draft of the list of versions for the certificate appendix. An electronic invoice of the approval fee is sent shortly after. 
GDV certificate will be issued  When the Authority has registred the payment of the fee, the final GDV approval letter and GDV certificate will be issued. At the same time, the GDV certificate will be published on the GDV list. 




Please read and follow the guidelines and templates for application of approval described below before submitting an application.