Accredited inspection bodies

On this page accredited inspection bodies are published.

It is a condition for the approval of a building component that an annual inspection is carried out.

This is to ensure that the building component is marketed under the same conditions that formed the basis for the approval.

Accordingly, the building component must have the same health-related properties that formed the basis of the approval throughout the entire approval period.

The inspection should take place as an accredited inspection. This means that the supervisory body (inspection body) must be accredited in accordance with DS/EN ISO/IEC 17020 to carry out inspections and must at the same time be accredited to carry out inspections in accordance with the Executive Order no. 1007 of 29 June 2016 on the placement on the market and sale of building components that come into contact with drinking water.

Currently the following inspection bodies are accredited to carry out inspections with building components in contact with drinking water:

  • The Danish Technological Institute

  • KIWA Sverige AB

  • IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik GmbH

  • TTR Institute s.r.l

  • RISE Sverige 

The list will be edited as needed. Please contact us if your inspection body is accredited to conduct inspections according to the GDV scheme.